The GUIDE+ partners met in Rome on 15 and 16 October for the purpose of working together on the testing methodology for the training modules that have been developed by the partners in each country. Starting from the case studies developed as part of the GUIDE project, GUIDE+ wants to develop a training curriculum made up

of independent modules that can strengthen the competences of the guidance practitioners who work with low-skilled people.

During the workshop – that involved a representative from the department of training system of ISFOL (research body of the Italian Ministry of Work and Social Policy) – the partners presented the structure of the training curriculum developed in each country that will be tested between November 2015 and March 2016. Then, the partners agreed on the testing process for the training curricula.20151016_095536_HDR

The next partner meeting is scheduled in April in London, where the partners will analyse the results of the testing in each country.


partner meeting